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Today's content shoot at "The Yoga Place Cafe".

AJ with her dog


Yeeehaaaa! I have started a Blog! Seems a bit scary, but I like that feeling, it motivates me to try something new. Last week I sat down and decided to make/create a website, today I decided that I want to start a blog, mainly to talk about my work-photography and share it with you! :) Plus this will help my grammar, as I never had interest to learn it at school, so if you see some spelling/grammar trouble, let me know (thanks) :) Today I had our weekly content shoot with "The Yoga Place Cafe" owned by a young, very experienced woman, named Alyx-Jane. As time was moving forward (as it always does) I spent more time visiting the place and got to know AJ - Alyx-Jane a bit more. I guess the main thing that attracted me to visit this cafe was the energy of willing for a change, change for better in terms of our surroundings, the way we live. AJ was and still is a passionate advocate for plant based eating and living as a whole. Few years later we are still connected, now more than ever. I had the opportunity to serve some food from her kitchen and now she is one of my loyal customers - friends :) For now that's it, definitely go and see the cafe, say hi to everyone and mainly enjoy the food, it's honestly mind-blowing.

Shoot today was great, captured new specials for the next weeks menu!! Excited ? Check @theyogaplacecafe for more news!

Thanks AK Photo Co.| Andžs

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